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2017 Grand Purchase

Sandrine Curtiss-Tabby III

2017 First Place Winners

Wilber Pena-Armadillos Exploring The Forest Jacie Shaver-Self Portrait Nestor Alvarez-Faith Kyle Standridge-Creation Lingling Ba-Cup Noodle Girl

2017 Second Place Winners

Alisha Lehigh-Suspicion Rose Klein-While Your Waiting Michelle DiBaggio-A Better Vacation Velma Person-Beauty Is Brennan Callicoat-The Titen Of t Sualainn
Robert Bates-Observation Post Echo Sheral Fernandes-Come Lets Play Carmen Rivera-Puerto Rican Parrots Nicole Kaczmarek-That Face Jamila Jenkins-Toned Harmony

2017 Third Place Winners

Jonathan Phillips-My Lighthouse Ethan Harris-Lion Hedinio Bustamante-The Big Catch Peaches Pope-Ginger And Her Girl Kayla Thompson-Bear
Michael Kelsch-Never Forgotten Melissa Larson-Nye Beach Janice Norphlet-A Shy Snow Leopard Of Africa Jessica Hansen-The Mythical Enfield Jaya Sharma-Kriti
Hector Curriel-David & Goliath Darlene Hoganson-Michael My Beautiful David Martinez-The Love Of Music Tammy Dunlavey-Tissue Paper Stained Glass No. Cat Seidy Rojas Castro-Are You Sinking?

2016 Charles Schulz Competition Winners

Catherine Everetts-Our Daughter The Cat Katherine Smith-Flowers And Laughter Rose Klein-WiFi Wars Ashley McNamara-Pun Therapy
Hedinio Bustamante-Karma Jacie Shaver-Udderly Awkward Janvonnah Funderburg-Father Of The Ballerina

2016 Grand Purchase

Jason Sanger-Untitled

2016 First Place Winners

Andrew Kneeland-The Staredown James Henson-The Mollusk Morgan Noonan-Woman's Best Friend Jennifer Maton-Weathered But Not Beaten #3 Melvin Rice-Yet I Live

2016 Second Place Winners

Alisha Lehigh-The Final Glance Heather McGehee-The Librarians Lyanne Rodriguez-Best Friend Mary Gilmore-Joy Nicole Kaczmarek-Beauty
Noberto Mora Jr-The Heart of Tejano Heritage Rollie Brandt-Little Frog Legs Rose Klein-Songs In The Morning Suzanna Ehrensberger-Autumn Bear Tim Bernard-Lich

2016 Third Place Winners

Lauren Giger-Unity Makenzie Carr-Greta Oto Christy Little-Cat Nap Kayla Thompson-Fury Gregory A Trengove-Helping Hands
Julie Webster-Self Portrait By The Creek Peaches Pope-Sweet Peaches Jessica Nixon-Old Barn Find Meghan Foster-Theseus Michelle DiBaggio-Dart In The Catacombs
Raul Gomez-Moving Forward Tatiana Sycheva-Memphys Kristina Brown-The Look Chyenne Bertrand-Queen Of Aries Cheryl Honts-The Fishing Spot

2015 Charles Schulz Competition Winners

Ryan Hoffmann-Walnut Lane Jorge Perez-Nor Here Nor There Jim Patton-Democracy! Jessica Chipman-The Nurse
Anahi Cantoran-The Sloth Strategy Sorcha Phillips-Pictures Can Say 1000 Words Serge Alexeev-Untitled

2015 Professional Winners

Mili Fay-Fox Nathaniel Roberts-Jack o Latern Surprise Rollie Brandt-Team Work Larry Smitherman-Neda

2015 Grand Purchase & First Place Winners

Melvin Rice-Wolf in Ice Nahomy Sierra-Underwater Waltz Joseph Suggs-Silent Beauty Jeff Coffey Notesto-Draw From Isaiah Hoppe-In God We Trust

2015 Second Place Winners

Janet Gutiemez-Eye of the Tiger Marco Hernandez-La Muerte de a Nacion Krista Bisceglia-Yesterday's Rememberance Pader Fang-Mystically Blue Alisha Lehigh Lang-Lang
Laura Sonnek-Off-Guard Rene De La Torre-Grapes Morgan Noonan-A Happy Little Turtle Catherine Everetts-Waterlily Tim Bernard Cruz Jr-The Tattered Ogne
William Zabel-Gracefulness Sterling Peterson-Millennium Rosalia Molho-Homeless Man Anna Ohman-Last Breath John Foreman-The Black Fox
Melissa Larson-Jake's Afton Ulve-Cat Box Tegan Mailhot-Untitled Alicia Pangman-Siren Lonny Hendricks-Friends
Anahi Tamayo Mondragon-FEAR Sheral Fernandes-Teddy Irina Harper-Veteran of the road Irina Steward II-Fall Leaves Jason Sanger-Untitled
Rudolph Small Concord-Final Destination Barbados WI Carmen Rivera-Apples and Grapes Carmen Gonzalez-My Grandmother Noble Jones-Casey Abbett Kyle Standridge-My World