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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Art Instruction Schools closing?

Art Instruction Schools will remain open. We are no longer offering the Fundamentals of Art program for new enrollment.

Do you have any other programs or courses available?

At this time we do not.

What is the last date to request supplies to complete the course?

All supplies, including lesson books, are included as part of your enrollment until the end of 12/31/2018.

What if I don’t finish the program by 12/31/2018?

You will need to complete your studies by 12/31/2018. The next 27-months should offer enough time to complete the program. Creating a schedule with goals to finish each lesson will keep you on track.

What will you be offering after the Fundamentals of Art program has ended?

We are only focusing on teaching-out current students at this time.

Can you refer me to another program elsewhere?

While there are other programs available, it will be your responsibility to research them. We recommend starting with a Google or YouTube search.

Will I still receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. We are hopeful that you’ll complete your studies with Art Instruction Schools and receive your certificate from our accredited program.

Will I still receive help from the instructors?

Yes. You will receive the same high quality assistance from our instructors by phone at 1-800-ARTISTS, email, skype, or letter.

Can you explain the process if I prefer to cancel?

Cancellation may be made in any manner; however, in writing is preferred. To cancel in writing, mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of the cancellation notice to Art Instruction Schools, Inc., at 6465 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 240, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

If you have any other questions please call 1-800-ARTISTS and select either the Customer Service or the Instructor option to speak with an academic representative.