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Fundamentals of Art

Art Instruction Schools’ mission is simple: provide quality artistic training to aspiring artists in the comfort of their own homes. While Art Instruction Schools has helped many students develop their artistic talents, the School has determined that it is no longer feasible to continue offering the Fundamentals of Art program and serving its student population after December 31, 2018. Art Instruction Schools remains committed to enabling students who are currently enrolled to complete the program. Effective immediately the School will no longer accept new enrollments.

Currently, enrolled students who desire to complete the Fundamentals of Art program prior to December 31, 2018 are encouraged to call Art Instruction Schools to speak with a representative about your progress in the program. While Art Instruction Schools is prepared to provide students with academic guidance, it is the students’ responsibility to complete all program requirements by December 31, 2018. Art Instruction Schools will assist students by providing an academic map to help students stay on track and will send quarterly progress reports. Art Instruction Schools wants to assure that the investment you made in your education produces the intended result.

Thank you for allowing us to help you realize your artistic aspirations for the past 102 years!

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