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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept the GI Bill or Pell Grants?

Not at this time. We offer several easy payment plans.

I am not a student but I have moved. How do I change my address?

All you have to do is submit your new information and we will update your records.

I live in Canada. Is there one of your schools in Canada?

Students of Canada are enrolled in the same program as United States students. Being a Distance Education program, it is not necessary to live near the school to be a student of Art Instruction Schools.

Where do I live when I go to the school?

Students can live anywhere in the United States or Canada. This program is as close as your post office, as all lessons are submitted through the mail. It is not necessary to live near the school to be a student of Art Instruction Schools.

Can I enroll prior to receiving a scholarship?

If you send in a scholarship entry prior to enrolling and are awarded a scholarship, we will notify you of your scholarship and apply it to your account.

I have requested information but have not heard from anyone. What is the next step?

Our enrollment specialists travel large areas; they also may have tried to contact you earlier, but were unable to reach you by phone. We ask that you submit your information. All you have to do is fill out this form to have one of our representatives contact you or call 1-800-ARTISTS and ask that a representative contact you.

At the time I first contacted the school I was underage. Now that I am of age, what is the next step?

The next step is applying online. Please submit your information and schedule an interview with one of our admission representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.

How old do you have to be to enroll?

Art Instruction Schools has been teaching art for over 90 years. Although our school has taught many young artists how to draw better, we usually do not enroll students under the age of 14. We encourage younger students to continue their art and when they reach the age of 14 to contact us at that time.

What is the cost of the program?

The total cost of the Fundamentals of Art program including textbooks, instruction and all supplies is $4285.00. The Foundation of Art Studies program is $2195.00 (limited availability, ask your recruiter). We offer several easy payment plans. You can pay the program in full or as little as $35.00 a week. Let our enrollment specialist give you more information.